OPINION: Heller votes against bringing clean energy incentives to Nevada


During today’s votes on the Senate transportation bill (S. 1813), Sen. Dean Heller voted against efforts to extend clean energy tax incentives vital to Nevada’s thriving clean energy economy (Amendment #1812).

In contrast, Heller has repeatedly voted to protect billions of dollars in taxpayer handouts to the nation’s most profitable oil companies while taking $210,050 from the oil and gas industry over the course of his career. [5/5/11, 3/1/11, 4/15/11]

Nevada Conservation League Executive Director Scot Rutledge released the following statement on Heller’s vote against clean energy incentives in Senate transportation legislation:

“Sen. Heller has repeatedly voted to give oil companies billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies, but he couldn’t be compelled to invest in Nevada’s clean energy industry. It couldn’t be clearer where his priorities lie.”

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