AARP honors Harry Reid with Legislative Excellence Award


Sen. Harry Reid was honored last week with the Legislative Excellence Award from the AARP for his work to create better economic security for seniors. This is part of the Congressional Awards Program the AARP started in 2008 to honor members of Congress who championed legislation to improve the lives of Americans age 50+ and their families.

Reid was chosen for his numerous efforts to make life more secure for retirees, including payments in the absence of a Social Security cost of living adjustment and health insurance reform that saves and improves Medicare.

“As you all know, fixing health care wasn’t an easy fight. Seniors were in the crosshairs, and their health was the target of particularly reckless rumors and scare tactics,” said Reid. “The AARP should be proud of its resolve to fight back against preexisting-condition policies and age discrimination by health insurance companies. I am proud to have been in the trenches with you fighting for not only your members, not only for seniors, but all Americans. This is a wonderful honor. But the real heroes in the fight for health care reform were the Nevada seniors who stood up for what is right and kept pushing for health insurance reform.”

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Don K. Miles
Don K. Miles

Which is why I withdrew all ties (especially monetary) with AARP. They no longer represent what I as a "customer" believe. That is real protest, the true American way. Will my withdrawal from their roles hurt them? Not hardly, but my money is my business and my right to choose who it goes to. AARP, I'd like to say good riddance.

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